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Kids (and Moms) Cook French with Claudine Pépin

If there's one person who knows about learning to cook as a young girl it's Claudine Pépin.  Daughter of renowned French Chef Jacques Pépin, Claudine grew up in a home filled with aromas of good food, fabulous family meals and lessons on classic French techniques. As an adult, Claudine has cooked alongside her
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Fuel Your Children’s Dreams! RECIPES. Thursday. 1pm ET

Do you have an aspiring NBA player, veterinarian, dancer or singer in your home?  How about a child determined to be an Olympian gymnast, MLB star, teacher, artist or policeman.  Thousands of kids have shared their dreams with me and I simply tell them, “You can be that but you have to do 3 things: learn
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Kids Speak Up! Healthy Food, Yes or No? Thurs. 1pm ET

Have you ever found yourself throwing your hands up when reacting to your obstinate kids while shouting, “Go ahead. I’ve had enough. Do want you want.” Kids have opinions about whether they should or want to eat healthy food. They are quick to tell us, their parents, what they think about our better-for-you food
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