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Starting A Fearless Fabulous New Chapter

This week marks my third season hosting Fearless Fabulous You! ( I created my show because I wanted to use my voice to share stories of interesting people and inspire others. The work has been hard but completely gratifying. I've met so many wonderful, gifted and giving people along the way, from medical
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Do You #Dare2Tutu? Fearless Fabulous You!

A dynamic woman is diagnosed with breast cancer. She's treated. It returns with a vengeance. The woman is your wife and soulmate. How do you cope to lift her spirits and yours as you face decisions that affect both of your lives? You put on a pink tutu and dance. It makes your wife laugh
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Wisdom and Wit For Young Women Diagnosed with Breast Cancer

Imagine. You are young, married with four sons, full of energy and gorgeous. You find a lump on your breast. It tests positive for cancer. Your world turns upside down. You feel lost. You have radiation, reconstruction, complications. It's all complicated. Where do you turn for support? It happens more than you think. Breast cancer
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