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Food Shopping Secrets! RECIPES. SUNDAY. 1pm ET

When was the last time you went food shopping, enjoyed every minute, had plenty of time to browse, and came home feeling great about how you spent your money?  How many times a week do you shop?  Once, twice or are you one who goes once a month?  If you want to spend less time
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Get Ready to Release Your Inner Genius

This week on The Cindy Laverty Show we're talking self care times 10! Learning ways to release your inner genius; find your true passion; and set STANDARDS to make it happen is the ultimate form of self care and ultimately gives you an opportunity to better care for others. When you shine - it spreads. Meet
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Get Fresh in Your Winter Kitchen with Chef Curtis Aikens (Food Network Host)

How Fresh are you?  How fresh is the food in your kitchen this month? Do you feel like your fresh fruit and vegetable choices are limited at this time of year?  Thanks to imports, you can now find more in stores.  Question is, should you buy avocadoes from Mexico or grapes from Chili? Do you
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