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Could Your Kids Make You Sick?

Recently I was at a birthday dinner where a mother shared her experience with lice. Both her sons had contracted lice at their school. I've heard this story from other parents whose children contract lice-or fleas-and infected the rest of the family. It made me curious: How can you keep your kids safe from germs
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Kids (and Moms) Cook French with Claudine Pépin

If there's one person who knows about learning to cook as a young girl it's Claudine Pépin.  Daughter of renowned French Chef Jacques Pépin, Claudine grew up in a home filled with aromas of good food, fabulous family meals and lessons on classic French techniques. As an adult, Claudine has cooked alongside her
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A Mother’s Advice When Your Child Has Autism- April 13 on Fearless Fabulous You!

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) 4.5 million Americans have Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). One out of every 68 children has been diagnosed with some form of autism. This represents a 30 percent increase since 2012. With more people being diagnosed with the disorder, more families are working harder to understand how to help their
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