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Finding the Humor in Caregiving!

  What would you do if your 97-year-old mother-in-law got stuck on her sofa and a neighbor had to call the rescue squad to get her up? Or what if your own 92-year-old mother decided to give up underpants? When these things happened to Charlotte Johnson Jones—my guest on this week's show—she says
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Keeping the Love Alive!

How do you keep the love alive? What happens to the passion? How do you re-capture it and get your relationship back on track? We all want to know the answers to these questions? We all want to know what to do. The truth is that when your relationship is vital and thriving and you're
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Think Like a Negotiator!

She loves pink and motorcycles. She's a businesswoman and she's a force to be reckoned with. Eldonna Lewis-Fernandez is a retired Master Sargeant from the Air Force and she specializes in negotiation. She holds a Top Secret security clearance and  has been a trusted agent of the U.S. Government for 30 years and she's my
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